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The world of MYTH is a dark and ancient realm ruled by apocalyptic gods and forever overshadowed by the damning presence of fearsome underworld demons that constantly threaten to engulf the mortal plane in hellfire and smoke.

It is a legendary place where powerful mages, deadly beasts, mighty warriors and terrifying darklords coexist and collide in never-ending battles that will forever rage on even until the very end of time itself. For it is within this long lost world that epic tales and age old legends of fallen gods, noble heroes and demonic darklords will forever be told as never before.

With over 1000 fully illustrated and authentically handwritten pages filled with tales and legends from this awesome netherwolrd realms, this one-of-a-kind masterpieace is definitely a must-have for every serious fantasy fan worldwide.

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Contains over 70 full-size illustrations, both coloured & black and white, by internationally acclaimed graphic novelist and coming book artist Jack Mambo depicting fantastic scenes from a vast array of awesome Netherwolrd Realms gathered from the darkest & most mind-bending corners of the Imaginearium of the Incredible & Impossible...

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Dragon Rune

The mighty dragons of the Dragonclaw Mountains had once saved the war-torn world of Kor from the brink of total destruction. But ever since the legendary beasts had ruled over the devastated lands of Kor, every Warlord, Darklord & Overlord in the realm that wished to wage war against a deadly rival would have to venture to the treacherous peaks of the dreaded Dragonclaw Mountains to challenge their arch enemies to a spectacular game of Dragon Rune, an ancient game once played only by the most legendary of Dragon kings. With each sacred rune piece depicting warriors, beasts & battle mages from each opposing side. The outcome of these gruelling contests could often spell the infinite glory or seal the ultimate doom of an entire realm with the World of Kor.

As a legendary Runemaster of Kor, will you be able to battle your formidable adversaries in a death defying game of Dragon Rune & prove yourself victorious upon the grim peaks of the Dragonclaw Mountains, or will you perish in the attempt?

Choose from the 3 allegiances of Kor & use the 20 Dragon runes to outplay & defeat your opponents in an epic game of strategy & slaughter...

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Fantasy Universe

Fantasy Universe is a truly fascinating comic book compilation created from the madness of legendary graphic novelist Jack Membo and includes 7 different cult comic titles each with its own unique genre and viewer maturity rating.

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The golden city has long been known as the place where legendary superheroes are forged & made. For a hefty price tag anyone can obtain unique & extraordinary superpowers that will take them far beyond the confines of human evolution and mortal limitations. However, behind the majestic persona of this spectacular metropolis lies a terrible secret that the mysterious ruler of this bustling city will willingly kill to protect & of which all superheroes made here will always be condemned by...

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Blood Axe

Thor Bloodaxe was once hailed as the honourable champion & legendary hero of the dwarven kingdon of Fanghall. But his brash words & reckless ways finally saw him banished from the realm by his own king. Follow the grisly exploits of trhis fearless dwarven warrior as he wanders the wastelnads slaying monsters & vanquishing demons in a blood splattering & bone crunching attempt to regain his honour & once again earn his rightful place in the grand halls of King Grimbold Ironhammer...

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Invasion Imperium

The invasion has begun... The evil Drazakar Empire is on a bloodied warpath to invate and conquer every last solar system in the universe & unite them in a massive slave colony around their own megalithic oversized Sun. The only thing that stands in their way to ultimate supremacy & dominance is the uneasy Galactic Alliance between the technologically advanced Zorg & the telepathically gifted Neforon. Will these unlikely allies be able to settle differences to defeat a most deadly & dire threat to the galaxy, or will the Dark Imperium finally succeed in enslaving all the planets in the known universe under their evil clutches?

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Adventures of a Dirty Dog

Hotdog has always been known to be a very dirty & feral beast that constantly wanders the bustling neighbourhood streets of Dogtown causing endless trouble & mischief wherever he roams. Follow the many outrageous exploits of this rude & obnoxious critter as he scratches, sniffs & poops his way around town.

Angel Babes vs. She Devils

The mortal world as we know it is not all that it seems for beyond the earthly confines & physical restrictions of reality rages on a hidden war between machine gun pumpking angel babes & samurai sword-wielding She Devils that has existed since the dawn of time. But since this celestial conflict also heavily influences the balance of power between good & evil in the real world, both angels & devils have always fiercely fought for their allegiances as they shoot, stab, bash & blow each other to oblivion.


The sacred stone of night & day has been possessed & wielded by many great rulers throughout the centuries, all of which had sought to exploit its godlike powers to either scorch the world in eternal days or cover it in never-ending nights. But ever since the dreaded vampire Lords had cliamed it for themselves, the world has only ever been condemned to total darkness. Now, however, a treacherous thief has somehow been able to steal the legendary stone from their evil clutches yet nobody knows who the thief is, nor what they will ultimately do with the Godlike powers that now lie in the palm of their hands.

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Imaginearium of the Incredible...

Imaginearium of the Incredible and Impossible is an infinite gathering of all the known and unknown fantasy realms that have ever existed within the dark, mysterious and unearthly confines of Fantasia. From the pages of this never-ending grimoire you will discover endless worlds that will tantalize, enchant and horrify all that dare to gaze within them...

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